Where to leave bags
Please use Fingal County Council bags and leave them with the logo facing outwards. On the south beach, bags should be left beside bins. On the North Beach bags should be left by bins on the street so they are visible to passing Fingal vans. On Balbriggan Road they should be left on the path where it is safe for a Fingal van to pull in. If possible try to put food waste in the bins rather than bags as it can attract seagulls.

Where to get Fingal bags
Bags can be collected our Office on 18 Thomas Hand St, Skerries

Large items
Large items that will not fit in a bin should be placed beside a bin. Please notify Fingal County Council for collection.

Gloves and Litter Pickers
If you require more gloves or pickers please collect them from Skerries News, 18 Thomas Hand St, Skerries.

Beach Boundaries
Please do not feel constrained by the boundaries of your beach. If your beach is clean please feel free to continue picking up litter from anywhere that needs it. Some areas generate a lot more litter than others and some beaches will be without guardians for different periods of the year. We are all on the same team.

If you require assistance with your beach please contact Skerries News 849 0629 or email us and we will send out an alert to all our beach guardians.

Duration of Guardianship
The guardianship will last for a year unless anyone wishes to be replaced sooner.