Welcome to Skerries News

Skerries News is a fortnightly publication, printed every second Friday.
Skerries News has been going for over 36 years and is part of the Skerries community. It would be hard to find a house that doesn’t have a copy stashed somewhere or to find a Skerries resident who hasn’t been in Skerries News at least once.

18 Thomas Hand StA whole generation has grown up reading Skerries News. It was established in 1988 by Austin and Liz Kenny. Then in 2007 when they retired, we took it over. We are Emily and David Diebold. It is a family owned business – our kids are all involved too – but it is also a community service.
We are the general information hub in Skerries. When we opened our office – the little thatched cottage, 18 Thomas Hand St – we became an information centre that was as much for tourists as for residents. We also run ‘Skerries’ Facebook and are on most of the different community committees.

Almost nothing goes on here that we don’t know about. Skerries News is sold in shops all over Skerries but it is also posted all over the world and available online. Just because people leave our town doesn’t mean they stop caring about it.

Our mission is to capture and record the vibrant essence of Skerries.

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